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Are You Telling Me To Go

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Are You Telling Me to Go
Written By Jason Moon

Everybody’s walking around this lonesome town,
With there head hung down, trying not to make a sound.

Sometimes you win and sometime you loose,
The funny thing about it is you rarely get to choose.

But you and I, we’ve got so much more, standing outside while you’re unlocking your front door.
I’ve had a lot of time to think up all these lines, and I got nothing better to do.

So if you’re telling me to go, I wish you’d say it that way,
Cause you kinda made it sound like you wanted me to stay.
But if your telling me to stay, I wish you’d let me know,
Cause then again it sounded like you wanted me to go.

Well I took off my shoes and I’m sitting on your floor,
You’ve lit a couple of candles now you’re locking the front door.

You got two glasses in your hand and a bottle of wine,
There’s a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye.

You been dropping hints all night, and flirting around with me, and I’m really kinda wondering what you got up your sleeve.
And I got a funny felling if I sit right here, that I’m gonna find out real soon.


Everybody’s got to have someone.
Someone to kiss and hold them tight.
You ought to know you are my only someone.
Cause I’ve been saying it all night.


Well it’s six in the morning and the sun is coming up,
I’m crawling out of your bed trying not to wake you up.

Your looking like an angel so quiet sleeping there,
I’m standing in the dark looking for my underwear.

I found both of my shoes, but only one of my socks; I’m standing at your front door fumbling with the lock.
I really do hope that I can see you again, but I’m busy all week and can’t say when.

(Repeat last line * 3)

© Full Moon Music 2016