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You Didn't Say Good-Bye

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You Didn’t Said Goodbye
Written by Jason Moon
WIP 3 before 2/11/2013 – 03-02-2016 EV

Back in my hometown as I was walking down the street.
I came upon the place where you first knocked me off my feet.
Thinking back on yesterday I start to wonder why.
I know you had to leave me, but you didn’t say goodbye.

When simpler days come, calling and they start asking for the truth.
And I am forced to ponder all the follies of my youth.
Excuses are exhausting and so hard to justify.
But I was so much young and stupid when you didn’t say goodbye.
No one ever told me that the first time was the best.
And I’d spend all my life comparing you to all the rest
Making love to you was such a sweet sounding lullaby.
Melodies long forgotten and you didn’t say goodbye

I really had it good and so I thought needed more.
It used to come so easy, that I guess I just got bored.
When I found I had a hunger that I couldn’t satisfy.
So I took all I could get and you didn’t say goodbye
I got so good at the game that I finally fooled myself.
In to thinking I could keep you in a cage up on my shelf.
When my conscious asked the jury if I had alibi.
My guilt it overwhelmed me and you didn’t say goodbye.

One day I had decided that I couldn’t lie no more.
At our first apartment as you were headed towards the door.
I never meant to hurt you and I’m sorry that I lied.
Still don’t know what I was thinking and you didn’t say goodbye.
Even though I knew, things would never be the same.
I wish you had believed me when I told you I could change.
You didn’t hear a word I said you just turned away and sighed.
It was the last time that I was near you and you didn’t say goodbye.

You went your way, I went my way, and that’s just the way it is.
Every day since then I’ve been undoing what I did.
Sometimes late at night I still hang my head and cry.
When I think back on the day that you didn’t say goodbye.
Miles have come between us, and I guess we’ve grown apart.
I wish I would have known then what I know now from the start.
I don’t think I ever told you just how hard I’ve tried.
To never be the man I was the day you didn’t say goodbye.

It’s been 20 years now, since your love belonged to me.
I am all grown up with a wife and family.
I hate to finally say it because of what it would imply.
But I’m so happy that you’re happy that you didn’t say goodbye.
© 2016 Full Moon Music