From the recording The Wolf I Fed

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Wisdom of The Wound

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I joined to serve my country, to keep our nation free.
They sent me down range, where left a part of me.
That person I once was, is now a distant memory.
To be the hero everyone will need.
When I got back home, and they gave me back my name.
I went looking for some peace, but all I found was pain
Expecting pride and honor, all I got was guilt and shame.
Can this be how my story ends?


You have to learn to carry it,
if you want to make it home.
When you share your story,
You stop carrying it alone.

There were days I can’t remember, nights I’d rather not recall.
My world came crashing down, I was trapped underneath it all.
I started running for the exit, but all I seemed to do was crawl.
Trying to be the only hero that I need.
Now the memories of the trauma, are the chains a’ binding me.
The weight of it all, finally brought me to my knees.
If I could just let go my burden, that perhaps I could break free.
And I could change how this my story ends.


Cause it was tearing me apart, to keep it all inside.
Now that I spoke my truth, I no longer have to hide.
It’s so much easier to carry, when you have someone by your side.
Perhaps I’m not the only hero that I need
It took a lot of work to get here, and I can’t change where I’ve been.
I don’t know where I’m going, still I find that in the end.
We all become the hero, the ones that everybody needs
When we let the next chapter of the story begin.


So as the curtain closes, and the night comes to an end.
You came to us as strangers, but you’re leaving us as friends.
And if you share our story than our healing can begin.
Now the next chapter can begin.