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Death Comes Knocking

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Death Comes Knocking
By Jason Moon and Kyle Rightley
05/05/2015 - 06/30/2015

Texas Tommy had to lay low, so he took the trail south down to Mexico.
Tried to find a way to make a little dough. They found him face down by the side of the road.

When death comes knocking. When death comes knocking,
When death comes knocking, you gotta open that door.

Lemonade Joe works down at the morgue. Graveyard shift; make a man board.
Crawled inside a coffin to try it on for size, whispered to him I’ll just rest my eyes.

Snake eyes Steve, in over his head, one last round to break even, or wind up dead.
Heart beating so loudly that he could not hear a sound. The dice hit the table, a hush hit the crowd.
(Chorus) - (Solo)

Big Jim Reilly fishing by the creek. He stood with the poor and fought for the weak.
He didn’t hesitate when he saw her fall in. But everybody knows Big Jim cannot swim.

High on the hog as the well runs dry, sucking grease off his fingers while others scrape by.
Old mayor Schmidty, he always ate alone. You can’t call for help when you’re choking on a bone.

Old Mother Brown lived to 94. Outlived three husbands, a famine, and the war.
Drew her last breath, the church bells chimed. Said to herself, “it is about damn time.”
(Chorus)- (Solo)

Everyone remembers little Anne Lou. She lost both parents in the food of 62’.
Everything she owned she could carry across her back. An old stuffed dog in a burlap sack.

Despite all of this, she found a way to smile, but everybody’s number comes up after a while.
Up on the hill in an unmarked grave. Bow your head, her soul to save.
(Chorus) *2

© 2015 Moon & Rightley