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Broke On Christmas

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Broke on Christmas (Draft 7)
12/2014 – 08/09/2016
Written by Jason Moon & Kyle Rightley

Snow is falling; the bells are ringing, outside my window the kids are singing.
People laughing down the hall, like they got no cares in this world at all.
Sitting here, all alone, in this one room apartment I call my home.
Wishing I would have gotten a tree, but it seems kind of silly when it’s only me.

Cause I’m broke on Christmas.
Yeah I’m, broke on Christmas.

By myself with nowhere to go, got no money, all the stores are closed.
Stack of bills siting here, the only gift I’ll be opening this year.
Got no brandy, a splash of some rum, got no little boy with his rum tum tum.
I got no lights, I got no bow, and if I died tonight, nobody would know.
Got no jolly, and I got no tree, got none of you and very little of me.


A fruitcake that no one will ever eat, miss one more payment they’ll turn off the heat.
Ketchup packet, some relish too, I miss my kids and I’m feeling blue.
As I eat my dinner with a plastic fork, just found out my ex is taking me to court.
My hearts been trampled by a one horse slay, and all my reindeer have flown away.


Deck the halls with boughs of holly; I can hear the children sing.
I remember when Christmas was so jolly, wait, and see what Santa would bring
I don’t have much of anything, but.

I’ve got my heath, roof over my head, it could be worse, I could be dead.
Self-pity makes it hard to see, that so many people have it worse than me.
Even though I’m feeling broke to night, I’ve got the rest of my life to get it right.
Snow is falling, the bells are ringing, I ain’t ashamed if you hear me singing that.


Have a merry broke as Christmas.