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Have A Nice Thing To Say

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Have A Nice Thing to Say
1/19/2016 – 8/9/2016
Written by Jason Moon & Kyle Rightley

Someday, maybe, someday maybe I’m going to get it right
Maybe, somewhere, maybe somewhere I’ll finally see the light.
Somewhere, somehow, somehow I’m got to make it on my own
Maybe, if I’m lucky, I won’t have to do it all alone.

Love like there’s no tomorrow.
Live like today is the only day.
Yesterday is but a dream gone by
So always, have a pleasant thing to say.

Last night, was the first time, the first time I felt like I belonged.
I’ve been, waiting, waiting on tomorrow for too long.
Today is the one time, the only time I have to make a change.
Change is the one thing, the only thing that ever stays the same.

You win some you lose some, you give and take, broken and on the mend
Life is a gamble, a risk that you take, but it all evens out in the end.

I’d been holding, on to what I wanted life to be.
Let go my expectations, letting go has finally set me free.
Now I am open, open to whatever comes my way.
Living in the moment, doing what I can to seize the day.