From the recording The Wolf I Fed

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Where I Want to Be

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I close my eyes and I see all the things I used to be
when I was young and I still believed
All the dreams, so naive, my whole life in front of me
and I was free, to achieve

How do I get back to where I want to be
By following the path life has put in front of me?
How do I move on and leave it all behind
rise about it until I find
peace with in my mind
and I shine
Along the way, I went astray, this war took a piece of me
they took my name, they took my sanity.
I went from young, to feeling numb, to feeling nothing at all
until I began to doubt my own humanity

I’ve felt alone, in my own home, never safe never secure
Sleepless nights turn to hopeless days
I built a wall from all the pain that had surrounded me
I pushed the ones I really loved away

Day after day, I would pray, for someone to take this pain away.
Try as I might, night after night, I still had to wake up and face each day.

Years went by, and I survived, time has healed some of the wounds
But the scares, have never gone away
When I think of all the things that I am most thankful for.
To learn to love myself along the way.