1. Loves Highway

From the recording The Wolf I Fed

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Loves Highway

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Loves Highway
Written By Jason Moon

I used to know a friend, who knew a friend of mine.
She never wore a watch, but she always had the time.
We’d sit and laugh about, things we didn’t know.
Some people plant the seed, while others watch it grow.

Now that I’ve grown older, I guess its plain to see.
There is a thousand miles, between you and me.
But I can taste the sunshine, and a can smell the rain.
Your absence in my life is all that remains.

Somewhere I found direction,
Somewhere along the way.
Somewhere down life’s road,
I found love’s highway.

If Noah was a woman, would you still follow her?
Swimming in the waters, never heard something so absurd.
But all God’s chosen children wound up drowning in a lake.
Kind of makes me wonder if she would make the same mistake.

Amos new the answers, the answers that he knew.
He said, “I am not a prophet”, still my words they come true.
And Solomon sang the songs, sang them oh so well.
But if you sing along, were all burning in hell.


Standing on the corner, Bible in his hand.
Sinner trying to tell me about God’s master plan.
I’m walking down a dirt road, kicking on a stone.
Wondering if God’s got call waiting on her telephone?

And somewhere near the morals, the people pick and choose.
Somewhere in translation, the truth your bound to loose.
All those people saying, a name that can’t be named.
Winnie-the-poo and Mr. Magoo, well I guess it’s all the same.


© 2006 Full Moon Music