1. Maybe It's You

From the recording Love & Life

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Maybe It's You

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Maybe It’s You
Written By Jason Moon

When I was a young boy, my momma told me young boys don’t cry.
Now that I’ve grown older, I can’t say I really know why.

When I was a drunkard, the drunker that I was.
It always seemed the bottle and I were falling in love, were falling in love.

When I was a dreamer, the dreams that I had.
Never tell the difference, between the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

When I was a looser, the battles that I won.
Seemed I’d spend my life, under the gun out on the run.

Looking for something new.
Looking for something to hold on to.
Looking for something to pull me through.
Looking for something to last the whole night through. Maybe its you.

Some people spend their whole life wishing they were somebody else.
Some people hide all their love away somewhere high upon some shelf.
Some people never have to sit through a single night alone.
Some nights I just sit here, staring at my telephone waiting for it to ring. Thinking maybe its you.

Life doesn’t wait for those who hesitate my friend.
You can’t see where your going if you don’t know where you’ve been.
You ain’t gonna find what you’re looking for inside of someone else.
Before you can love another you gotta sit down and learn to love yourself. Maybe its you?

Then again maybe I’m wrong, been sitting here all year long.
Searching around endlessly, I feel like I’m trapped in a dream.
I just want, for one time, for things to go my way.
I just want, for once, to be able to look at myself for and say
Everything’s gonna work out this time, yeah everything’s gonna be just fine.

Love is so simple, that why it gets so complicated.
The truth is just a lie that hasn’t been serenaded.
And maybe someday we all will see the light.
Shining like a beacon through darkest part of my night. Maybe its you?

And what I’m looking for today.
The reason for the words that I say.
As I watch my time slip slowly away.
Wonder if you’ll this feeling, could ever be here to stay. The way I feel today.
And maybe its you. Maybe its you.

© 2014 Full Moon Music