1. First Dance

From the recording Love & Life

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First Dance

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First Dance
Summer 2005
Written by Jason Moon
For Shannon and Lisa Barneby’s Wedding

Outside the stars are shining, as the angels fly tonight.
Spreading blessings on this union, with tears of joy in their eyes.

For they know that they have never seen, in all the stars above.
Two people more deserving, of a truer perfect love.

And though they are not jealous, they surely wish to be.
Here beside, you and I, as you reach out for me.

To put your arms around me, as I gaze into your eyes.
And whisper, “I intend to love you, until the end of time.”

So come dance with me my darling, come and hold me close to you.
I don't want to miss a moment, so that when this dance is through.
Its memory will linger, so as not to fade away.
As two hearts beat in unison, on this most perfect
day….Oh… oh… oh… oh….
Oh… oh oh…. Oh oh… oh oh.. oh….

Well, you're beautiful in the morning; yes you are my hearts delight.
But you’ve never looked more beautiful, than you do tonight.

So no matter if it's raining, or if the sun is shining through.
Through every changing season, my heart belongs to you.


I’ve waited all my life for someone.
Turns out that someone was you.
I wonder if you’ll believe me if I told you that,
Nobody in this world loves somebody as much as I love you.

Now the song is almost over, as this dance comes to a close.
I may loosen my embrace, but I will never let you go.

For when this night is over, and we great the morning light.
We will wake up in each other’s arms, as a husband and a wife.


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