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We're Having a Baby

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We’re Having a Baby
Written By Jason Moon

Well we’re having a baby, yeh we’re having a baby.
He’s gonna look a little bit like you; hopefully he won’t look too much like me.
Well we’re having a baby, yeh we’re having a baby.
Just one little branch, in our new family tree.

If the interest rates are low, we’ll build him a tree house.
And when we go to church, we’re as quiet as a mouse.
We’ll teach him to be healthy, eat all the broccoli on his plate.
And he’ll have to be twenty-seven, before he goes on his first date.


We’ll take him to the park and teach him how to fly a kite.
And when he’s old enough, we’ll take the training wheels of his bike.
We’ll read him books like Winnie-The-Pooh, and Curious George.
And when he’s old enough to drive, he can have my old beat up ford.


We’ll tell him all the stories like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.
We’ll also tell him about Jesus, how he died up on that cross.
Well teach him to do what’s right, and always tell the truth.
And hopefully he’ll learn all of his morals from you.


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