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My Child, My Boy, My Son

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My Child, My Boy, My Son
Written by Jason Moon

Good morning my son, I hope you have fun,
As you wind on your way through your life today.

And these words that I sing, well I sing them for you.
May you find joy and fulfillment in everything that you do.

Now what can I say except, somewhere along the way,
You may find yourself on a road that you had never known.

And this road may be ruff, and this road may be long.
So keep with you always in your heart this song.

(Chorus) (Close your eyes)
So if you need to (close your eyes), go ahead and (close your eyes).
If you need me, I’ll be there, my child, my boy, my son.

Life is a journey; it is not a destination,
So we great each day without regret or hesitation.

As we learn from the wise, so we don’t play the fool.
Speak truth from the heart, and live the golden rule.

For there are many thing, that a man must never do.
Like hurt the ones you love, or run before you tie your shoes.

And sometimes you will trip, and sometimes you will fall.
But the ones who bruise the worst are the ones who never try at all.

(Chorus) (Hold my hand)

Goodnight my son, the day is now done,
Let us pause as the moon takes the place of the son.

In this movement we take, let us pray, and give thanks,
For the love that we find, is the joy that we make.

For today is a gift, tomorrows a surprise,
For life passes by in the blink of an eye.

It took so many words, but what I’m trying to say,
You are the greatest gift I have known to this day.

(Chorus) (Call my name)

When you ask how I know all these words I’ve said are true
It is a lesson you taught me, the first day that I held you.

© Full Moon Music 2014