1. Love & Light

From the recording Love & Life

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Love & Light

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Love and Light
Written by Jason Moon

Early in the morning, baby when I rise.
Shake the dreams down from my head and wipe the sleep from my eyes.
Cause every day that’s a new day is another sweet surprise.
And every storm cloud comings just a rainbow in disguise.

I take a little walk now, to see the flowers bloom.
I know that winters coming; hope it don’t come too soon.
Cause around every corner, is another chance to find.
A face to trace a place where maybe I won’t have to hide. *2

I have love, and I have light, and I have joy, and I have life.
But I don’t have you, here by my side
Take my heart, take my youth, take my soul, take my pride
All I want is you here by my side *2

Maybe it’s not perfect, but it was never meant to be.
Somehow, my destination has become the journey.
So please don’t mind me if I step out of the race,
Cause every story ends the same no matter what the pace.

And some people here around me, they tell me that I’m wrong.
They say, “Such a silly man, singing such a simple song.”
And while darkness does surround me, just as the day is long.
It’s faith in love and love of faith that’s always held me strong. *2


It’s a mystery to me the way things have come to be the way they are.
Like I was fallen down fumbling, stumbling surprised to find I’ve made it this far.
I stopped playing as the player; I stopped acting as if life was just a game.
And now all that I’ve been hoping for finally has a name. … Has a name.

So you can dream of glory, or power from on high.
You can fall down on your knees or you can gaze up at the sky.
Looking back with reverence on the ground where you once stood.
In letting go, you will own, more than you ever dreamed you could.

So I guess it’d be dishonest, if I didn’t take the time.
To confess to myself, well it’s has been a long hard climb.
To crawl out this darkness, through all the thick and thin.
And I have no intention of ever going back again. *2


© Full Moon Music 2014