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Trying to Find My Way Home

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Trying to Find My Way Home
Written By Jason Moon

How do they expect a man, to do the things that I have, and come back and be the same?
The things I've done that I regret, the things I've seen I won't forget, for this life and so many more.

And I'm trying to find my way home.
The child inside me is long dead and gone.
Somewhere between lost and alone,
I'm trying to find my way home.

And I have seen another side, another slice of the pie, that didn't seem to fair to me.
People who did not deserve, the sufferings that they incurred, freedom ought to be free.

Whether we lose or win, I so sick and tired of the spin, I don't think I can take anymore.
If the truth must stay in disguise, hidden behind all the lies, than what were we fighting for?

(Solo verse)
(Solo chorus)

Trying hard to keep a smile, look into the eyes of my child, and tell him why dad has to go.
And after daddies went away, he's come back and he ain't the same, as the man that you used to know.

Sittin’ here with time to kill, staring out my window sill, trying so hard to forget.
In time I may forgive myself, but history repeats itself, and burdens my soul with regrets.

And lately it's occurred to me, it's hard to fight an enemy that lives in side of your head.
To spend my life in-between, the sleepless night and the bad dreams, I think I might rather be dead.

So how do they expect a man to see the things that I have, and come back and be the same?

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