From the recording Trying To Find My Way Home

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Falling Off the Wagon
Written by Jason Moon

I’m falling, falling, falling off the wagon again.
I ain’t gonna win, living my life in sin,
Baby won’t you catch me cause I’m falling again.

I woke up this morning right around twelve o’clock.
Spent half the day looking for my other sock.
When I finally found it, it was right beside my shoes.
Laces wrapped around an empty bottle of booze.


Sometimes I get this feeling when my mouth is getting dry.
One thing in this world that I need to get me by.
Well that old laughing lady you know she tastes so sweet.
She got the kind of loving that just knocks me off my feat.


I woke up this morning with a pounding in my head.
Half of me’s alive; know the other half is dead.
The things to make me better well you know I haven’t got.
Like a stiff Bloody Marry or perhaps another shot.

(Solo x 2)

The other night as I was walking home from the bar.
My big mouth started pushing it a little too far.
When the punches stared flying well I knew the night was done
It’s amazing the trouble you get in when you’re just having fun.


The other night I woke up and I thought that I’d gone blind.
Sometimes I get the feeling like I’ve almost lost my mind.
The more I give away, the less I have to keep.
Spending half my lifetime, just walking in my sleep.

Yes I’m falling again
Yes I’m falling off the wagon again.

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