1. The Best of Me

From the recording Trying To Find My Way Home

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The Best of Me

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The Best of Me
Written by Jason Moon

I look out my window, and what do I see?
I see a mean old world staring back at me.
And it ain’t got one thing good to say.

I’ve been down, and I’ve been out.
I stood up and began to shout.
This is the last time, you get best of me.
This is the last time, go on and let me be.
(Turn around to fancy run)

I feel empty, of my own accord.
And I feel lonely, and extremely board.
Like the only thing left to do is drink.

When I get to drinking, I get to thinking.
This ain’t the way that I wanna live.

And I’ve been places you don’t ever wanna be.
And I have seen things I pray you never have to see.
And it’s left me, feeling cold and ashamed.

When you got nothing you got nothing to loose,
Well, I got nothing that I need to prove.
(Turn around to fancy run) x2

I used find joy just about everywhere.
Singing out a song, without a care.
All these things that I used to love don't mean a god damn thing.

Cause, now I just sit here staring at the wall.
Waiting for the paint will peal, or the sky will fall.
(Chorus) x 3 adlib to fade out

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