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Love and Joy and Medication

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Love and Joy and Medication
Written by Jason Moon

Sitting in this waiting room, crawling out of my skin.
Started looking for the exit, the moment I walked in.
Wondering if everyone sees me falling apart inside.
Behind amagazine my only place to hide.

And I was told; up to a year to adjust.
11 months gone by, and I’m starting to wonder who I should trust.
The ones who’ve been there or the ones who claim they know.
All those degrees up on your wall and not a single thing to show for it.

Another week gone by, another month has slipped away.
Take two of these; and come back and see us some other day.
But what if it's what you’re giving me that is making me so sick?
Tossing pills at me blindly hoping something finally sticks.

Is there no love left in the world today?
How come no one hears a single word I say?
In and out I fade, numb and stumbling through it all.
All the kings’ horses never showed up after all.

So I've been home now, for almost a year.
And I don’t feel no better than I did when I was over there.
I guess I’ll just have to sit here for however long it takes.
Till I can feel, love and joy again.
Till I can feel, love and joy again.
How long till I can feel love and joy again?
Till I can feel.
Till I can feel.
Till I can feel.

© 2010 Full Moon Music