1. Hold On

From the recording Trying To Find My Way Home

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Hold On

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Hold On
Written By Jason Moon

When the hope that you're searching for, is so very far away.
And you hear your worst enemy in every word you say.
When the light shines so dim that you cannot see your hands.
Letting go, is the only way you know, to escape your pain.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, for one more day.
Hold on, hold on, hold on, for one more day.

When you think you've seen the end and it is all that you can take.
And you'd give anything you own just to catch your breath today.
When it don't let up, and you feel so down and there’s nowhere to turn and you look all around.
And you find that you've lost all your faith in you, then there is nothing left for you to do... except.


The simple things that used to make you smile; now you say hell it’s been long long while, since I…
Felt so good, like I knew I should, like I thought I would one day.
When you’ve given up, and you've given in, and you’ve lost your life to a ball of sin.
And you just can't win no matter how you try, you get down on your knees and you start to cry.

(Solo 4 measures)

When you've lost your will to speak, and a little reprieve is all you seek.
And some piece of mind, would suit you find, if things would go right for you for just one time.
And you throw your hands up to the air, and everyone just looks and stairs.
And says, “I've been there”, but they don't know cause the light it fades, and the darkness grows.

(Solo 4 measures)
(Chorus) x 3 end

© 2010 Full Moon Music