1. A New Song

From the recording Trying To Find My Way Home

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A New Song

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A New Song
Written By Jason Moon

I used to write a lot of songs, there where I put my hopes and fears.
I hadn’t finished a new song, going on five long years.
This war got the best of me and so I put down my pen.
I’m trying to write a new song, where do I begin?

Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m depressed.
Sometimes it takes everything to keep my heart from beating right out of my chest.
Sometimes I have no idea what it is I’m trying to prove.
Tonight I write a new song, bear my soul to you.

Five days without sleep and my muscles began to shake.
Shadows moving on the walls, a nightmare while I’m wide awake.
All I can do is sit there, and try to hold on tight.
Tonight I write a new song; pray I get some sleep tonight.

One day I woke up to find all these chains across my chest.
I’m not sure how they got there, but if you’d grant me this one request.
If you know the person who has the key ask them to lend it to me.
Tonight I write a new song, just Erik Weisz and me.

I’ve got a lot of prescriptions in my medicine chest.
I’d rather not take any of them, but others seem to think its best.
That I should, walk through my life, with a pharmaceutical helmet on.
Tonight I write a new song, pray one day all them pills are gone.

If you think about it long enough you feel sorry for yourself.
Then I get real depressed when I start to think of someone else.
Who has it so much worse than me yet still does not complain.
Tonight I write a new song, and hang my head in shame.

Some people have their money, others have fancy things.
Some know that family’s worth more than, some big old diamond ring.
To maintain the things I love, I have to struggle every single day.
Tonight I write a new song, so that they don’t slip away.

So if I’ve ever harmed you, if I’ve ever done you wrong.
If I owe you money, if you’re offended by my song.
Either let me pay you back in words, or catch me another time.
Tonight I write a new song, I’m working overtime.

Tonight I write a new song; yeah it’s been a long long time.
I’ve put the past behind me; try to greet the future with a smile.
Just a simple melody to show you just how far I’ve come.
I finally wrote a new song; let’s hope there’s more to come.
I’ve have to end this new song, so I can start another one.

© 2010 Full Moon Music