1. Ryan's Song

From the recording Naked Under All These Clothes

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Ryan's Song

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Ryan's Song
Circa 1991
Written By Jason Moon

A Flowage night, I feel all right.
What a beautiful day to die.

The stars are falling, from my eyes.
Lord I didn't want to have to cry.

Yeah me and Ryan I guess we got a little too high.
And he was a friend of mine.

You lived your life, just a little too fast.
Yeah, but he never hurt no one.

It’s four in the morning; it’s time to go home.
We's just trying to have some fun.


I’s thinking about, a friend I lost.
I was trying to understand.

From Mrs. May, to Sweet Baby James.
And just like Every Grain of Sand.


Someday soon, I can't say when.
Yeah we will meet again.

And all I got, that I want to say.
Is that you will always be my friend.

(Chorus) x2

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