1. UW Zero Blues

From the recording Naked Under All These Clothes

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UW Zero Blues

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UW Zero Blues 95'
Written By Jason Moon

Well I can’t live on $4.25 an hour.
You don’t have a voice if you don’t have political power.
And my hall janitor made $15.00 in less than a half-hour.
For picking up someone’s dirty laundry out of the shower.

I got those UW Zero Blues.

And I can’t live on 480 dollars worth of points.
Eating at some over inflated burger joint.
With the full time staff, they’re working for the PFM.
But a student makes three times less then them.

Well I pay nearly $5000.00 a year.
And I could join a fraternity and learn how to pour beer.
And I don’t want grade “D” but edible meat.
If it makes you sick, what good is “all you can eat”?

Well it’s been twenty years since the day I was born.
But till I’m a junior, I’ll be stuck in these f**king dorms.
I shut my door to the campus police officer.
He broke it down because he said he smelt fabric softener.

Well its 2am the CA’s knocking at my door.
Me and my woman we was sleeping on the floor.
Now the staff at Clemens Hall a bunch of f**king pricks
And I’m sitting in court on an 18.06-30

Nikos Gyros campus security takes another bite.
Somewhere a student is afraid to walk home at night.
Well you got a bitch now you got something to say.
You get on the phone and you call up the OSA.
And tell them, I got those UW Oh my god I think I’m getting ripped off blues.

© Full Moon Music, 1996