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You Can Fly if You Want To

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You Can Fly If You Want To
Written by Jason Moon

Mr. Memory can’t you see?
What this world has done to me.
I'm bending down on my knees,
Wishing somebody somewhere would set me free.

And we all want what is right.
We're all looking for that light shining bright.
But, it ain't nowhere to be found,
I should know I've looked around for it, lord I've looked around.

So you can fly if you want to,
And you can try if you care,
And you can cry if you need to,
But I won't cause I've already been there.

Dreams they will come and go.
Leave you stone faced flat out in the cold.
You wake up you ain't got nothing to show,
For where you've been and what you've done, and your lives just begun.

Pain it wears a golden ring.
Thinking about it makes my ears ring.
And nothing helps me but the song I sing.
So I sing it loud, and I sing it proud.


Back and forth, we all pretend.
To walk alone, without a friend.
But who will be there in the end?
To comfort me, to make me see, to set me free?

And I have to wonder why.
For all the reasons I have tried.
To over come what I couldn't hide.
Don't you dare cry for me on the day I die.

(Chorus) x2
Cause I've already been there

© Full Moon Music 1996