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If I Thought You'd Go

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If I Thought You'd Go
Circa 1993
Written by Jason Moon

Well the days, they keep on getting longer.
I wake up and wonder where I am.
I'd turn the light on if I could find it.
I’d ask you if I thought you cared.

And I don't believe in love.
I got no faith in pain.
You got nothing on me about heartache.
Cause to me its all one in the same.

So now I'm out here on this road once again.
And I only wish I had a friend,
To carry me when I'm down.
And I'd take you with me if I thought you'd go.

Stumble round try and find some clothes to wear.
Put on a warm face for my friends.
Is this the same song I sung yesterday?
Or just a memory going to fade away?

And I don't believe in anything.
And I don't believe in you.
I've lost my faith in living.
Sometimes that's all you got left to do.


I shake the cobwebs down from inside my head,
Its only ten o'clock and I'm wishing I was back in bed.
And I cast my shadow on the doorway,
Sayings thank the lord the sun came out today.

Yes I’d take you with me if I thought you’d go.

© Full Moon Music 1996