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I Wouldn't Mind Dying Now

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I Wouldn't Mind Dying Now
Circa 1994
Written by Jason Moon

How did it feel when he was inside you?
Did he make you feel the way you'd like me to?
Did you close your eyes? Did you think of me?
While I was sitting at home with you in my dreams.
And all my worlds come crashing down.
Old memories are back in town.
And I wouldn't mind dying now,
No I wouldn't mind dying now.

Did you hold his hands? Did you call my name?
And when I'm with you is it all the same?
Did he make you smile and set your soul free?
Did he show you things I could never see?
With a pain I've never felt before.
My heart got caught, you slammed the door.

Is he in your dreams in places I should be?
Did it hurt at all when you lied to me?
Will he come again like a gust of wind?
Will I hear the lines, "Oh he's just a friend?"
What would you do, if the tables were turned?
What good is love, if your heart is burned?

I guess someday I'll get used to it.
A faded memory I will never forget.

Did you hold him tight and make him understand?
Did you tell him he was your only man?
Did he show you things I'd forgotten to?
Did you say the words, "I love you?"
Tell me was it worth it all?
Like days of old, I will take the fall.

© Full Moon Music 1996