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Betty’s Bar and Grill

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Betty’s Bar and Grill
Written By Jason Moon

Sing my songs about a Rusty Water.
I got a date tonight with Jose’s daughter.
Singing a Dylan song though they don’t know the words.
Sing out a song just to be heard.

Last thing I want to do today is think.
Finna sit around all afternoon and drink.
I don’t care, what you got to do.
Tonight I’ll fall in love with you.

Down at Betty’s bar and grill.
You can drink till you get your fill.
The musicians with their Lady Jane.
The bar flies dream of Mrs. Cane.
Down at Betty’s bar and grill.

Sing my song about a broken drum.
Sitting here so damn long that my ass feels numb.
I ain’t trying to make no sense at all.
Just wake me up before last call.

Last thing I want to hear today is the news.
Nobody in this gosh darn world gonna give me the blues.
Took me all darn week to get down in this groove.
Tonight I got nothing to prove.


Sing my songs about a Bobby Dylan.
Well I’d guess you say, “hell I got a feeling”.
I’m going to drink so much that I can’t hardly see.
Nobody got nothing on me.

Last thing I want to here is her gosh darn name.
All them years that woman driving me insane.
I guess you’d say I read the wringing on the walls.
Light one up in the bathroom stall.


© 2006 Full Moon Music