1. Dreamers Blues

From the recording Poverty

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Dreamers Blues

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Dreamers Blues
As heard on “Poverty”
Written By Jason Moon

I got a sports car it just don't run,
I got a job oh it ain't no fun.
Washing dishes in the afternoon.
Hopefully I'll get a promotion soon.

It’s a beautiful day and hey hey hey,
It’s a beautiful day,
For a dream.

Nothing good on my TV,
nothing I'd really want to see.
So I just turn on my radio,
and let music save my mortal soul.
And I sing

(Choirs....To die)

Say there Mister you can't do nothing.
Sitting in that arm chair couch you know so well.
Maybe it’s time we got up and walked around,
and said, "hey man where else have I got to go?"
“I’d leave, but I got no place to go”

I get drunk on Friday nights
A couple beers and I feel alright
Me and my friends just hanging out
This must be what it’s all about.
I think that what it’s all about.

(Choirs) *2

Repeat first verse

(Choirs) *2

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