1. Losing Again

From the recording Poverty

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Losing Again

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Losing Again
Written By Jason Moon

Losing again, losing again, Down on the bottom well that’s where I been.
Sometimes I feel like I got your foot on my head.
And I got this sinking feeling like I’m loosing again.

Some people say it’s a rich mans game, you got to have deep pockets if you want to play.
Others spend there time running around, with their head hung down, all over this town.
You and I don’t do nothing but disagree about the things that I believe.
You’ve had your hands in front of my eyes, for so long now that I’m beginning to see.

Losing again, losing again, out in the rain with my back to the wind.
I got ten thousand miles of fences to mend.
And I got this lonesome feeling like I’m loosing again.

Everyone’s telling me it’ll be all right, as I struggle through another lonesome night.
Later on when the morning comes and the day has begun and I find I’m still on the run.
And all the things I’ve been hiding from are standing right in front of my face.
And all the things I’ve been hoping for, well they just slipped a little bit farther away.

Losing again, losing again, all alone and I aint got a friend.
I may have won the game, but I didn’t beat the spread.
And I got this sinking feeling like I’m loosing again.

Lately I’ve been asking if I belong, in the words to my songs, wondering where I went wrong.
The game is over, the chips are cashed in, and what a surprise it looks like I didn’t win.
But I’ll sit here for one more round, and play another hand or two.
It’s not that I’m feeling lucky tonight; it’s that I’ve honestly got nothing left to lose.

Losing again, losing again, Bet it all on black and take another spin.
Yeh but you got to break even before you can win.
And I got this sinking feeling like I’m loosing again.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I start wonder why, I get so hypnotized.
So many roads that I’ve been down, so many drunken nights in this drunken town.
All my dreams start to fade away into a darker shade of gray.
Standing here looking fate in the eye and I ain’t got one thing that I want to say.

(Last Chorus)
Losing again, losing again, so many scares that I’m trying to mend.
My heart keeps getting broken, cause it refuses to bend.
So I’ll pick up the pieces and start over again.

And I got a funny feeling that this time round, you know, I might just win.

© 2006 Full Moon MusiC