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Standing Next to You

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Standing Next To You
as heard on “Poverty”
Written By Jason Moon

Life it seems, a mystery,
a bittersweet comedy.
A little dance, where fate and chance,
they both sing in harmony.
Around it goes, still no one knows, why the sky is blue.
But, the grass is always greener, when I'm standing next to you.

If you think about it, long enough,
you’re bound to get confused.
But if you don't, think at all,
you’re bound to see the truth.
Silence it is golden, this I know is true.
But I hear the sound of silence, when I'm standing next to you.

I've been down this road before;
I think you've been down it too.
Everything, has been before,
Yet everything is new.
To live inside each moment, is all that I can do.
But the moments last forever, when I'm standing next to you.

Sometimes when, I'm over here,
I wish that I was there.
I hope you find, a love so kind,
that you have enough to share.
And somewhere in the midst of it, the lotus flower blooms,
with the fragrance of creation, when I'm standing next to you.
(Repeat first verse)

© 2006 Full Moon Music