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Love & Life

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Love and Life
Written by Jason Moon

I used to be so afraid.
My life was so on tame.
So many things I did not know,
Like who I am and where's my soul.

Well who am I and who are you,
And what are we supposed to do?
With this love and life that we have,
Oh that we have.

I sit and watch the days roll by.
Life and death and I wonder why. Why?
Lost and found you know it’s in your soul.
It’s not a fear of dying; it’s a fear of growing old alone.


Feeling like a subway, dead and gone, and run through.
One too many times my favorite songs playing on the radio,
The radio, the radios blasting in my ear.
And I'm walking away, hey, hey, hey.

(Chorus) *2

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