1. American Dream

From the recording Drivin Wheel

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American Dream

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American Dream
Written by Jason Moon

Heading down from Baton-Rogue, it took a Trail of Tears to keep him alive.
He lives up there because the rent is low, he's got a wife, two kids, and a 9 to 5.
He works al day just to get by, smiles with a grin, and says, "Everything is fine.”
Only problem is its 42 more years till he can retire and die.

So don't you sell me, no don't you sell me, don't you sell me that American dream.
Don't you sell me, no you can't sell me, cause I ain't buying that American dream.

Said he should have joined the army, gone to college on the GI Bill.
Says you read a lot of books there, TS Elliot and you learn how to kill.
Called his momma wiped the tears from her eyes, said I'm going to help America make a stand.
He used to say, "It takes a lot to shoot the enemy, but it takes a lot more to be a man."


Sometimes when he gets home from work, you know he likes to drink a beer or two.
Smokes two and a half packs of Lucky Strikes a day, he's trying to quit but it’s the best he can do.
Sometimes when he gets drunk he hits his kids, sometimes when he gets drunk he hits his wife.
Blowing the smoke out of the bathroom window, looked at me, smiled and said, "Hey, that's life." all right.


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